Features and Description

We take immense pride in our armored vehicles that are built specifically for various armed forces. Our professionals have designed these vehicles to have the most modern and advanced technology.

Our armored vehicles have blast protection as well as capability to be driven on rugged-off roads. The two-sided doors provide quick and easy entry inside the vehicle.

These are also equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance technology. The fully integrated ground radar surveillance unit includes mission-specific, software-driven sensors for early detection of motion across the targeted area.

They can sit fully equipped troops. There is an interior command station with control for various operations of the armored vehicle. These are also equipped with guns and other firearms. They provide safety to the troops due to their bulletproof exterior.

Each vehicle can be easily customized if required.

Mobile Command Specifications

  • Commercial off the shelf platforms for easy ad low cost maintenance
  • Full integration of remote weapon stations for counterassault
  • Gunner protection kit with mounts
  • High speed engine with off-road capacity
  • Mission specific floorplan designed for troops
  • Steel armor construction