Features and Description

If you are looking into investing in an efficient ambulance for your business, we will definitely recommend GMC Savanna Ambulance for its various extraordinary attributes including powerful and modern engine, plenty of storage, comfortable interior, affordability, and ability to run smoothly even on rough terrains.
Being in the medical vehicle business, it is one of our most recommended and treasured ambulance.

The ambulance comes equipped with heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It has LED warning lights and also very bright headlights to help driver on the dark pathways. There is also a warning siren that can be controlled by the driver.
The floor of the ambulance is antibacterial and has a nonslip floor coating. A digital electrical command panel with all the necessary information such as GPS, etc. is also installed in the vehicle. Our GMS Savanna ambulance has noise and heat isolation with support metal sheets.
This vehicle is available in both diesel and petrol engines and diesel engine is capable of running on both high and low Sulphur fuel with IAG’s in-house Sulphur conversion system. The ambulance is easily customizable as per the request of the customers.

  • Foldable primary stretcher
  • Easy fooled wheeled stretcher with adjustable backrest
  • Lightweight stretcher to be used as a secondary stretcher
  • Roof-mounted 12v electric ventilator
  • Portable oxygen cylinder
  • Ceiling mounted IV track
  • Internal communication system
Key features:
  • Medical device cupboard
  • Equipment locker
  • Handles for staff at the ceiling
Internal LED light system