Hyundai H1

The Hyundai Motor Company, commonly known as Hyundai Motors is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer with its headquarter in Seoul. They have manufactured a variety of cars that have become popular throughout the world due to their style, comfort, and safety.

We have the Hyundai H1 available for sale. We acquire all our vehicles from authentic manufacturers and offer very good rates. For further assistance feel free to contact us.


The new Hyundai H1 has a luxurious and sophisticated design that combines with elegance. The Hyundai H1 offers a choice of nine or twelve seats and can be used for a variety of businesses such as tourism, sightseeing, transportation as well as for personal family use.

The sturdy exterior is complimentary to a very comfortable interior. The interior is luxurious and very stylish. In short, you will not be disappointed after getting this car.


  • 5-seater window van with plenty of space for luggage while a 3-seater panel van with room for up to 800 kg of cargo.
  • A horizontal layout that provides a wide and open feel.
  • Stylish and sporty steering wheel.
  • Audio system
  • Powerful driving performance is demonstrated by high power diesel engines that meet strict Euro 6 exhaust gas regulations.
  • Hyundai H1 is also equipped with safety measures such as airbags, and the anti-roll function provides more stable driving in any environment.