Features and Description

ICU Ambulances are equipped with different emergency supplies and first aid kit to combat any difficult situation. We have made sure all needed equipment is on hand to tackle any unfortunate circumstances like patient collapsing, breathing difficulty, oxygen deficiency, etc.
These ambulances are specially designed to transfer critical patients safely.
There are two seats inside the ambulance, one on the right side and the other at the front. The seat on the right side can be adjusted to 180 degrees if needed. There is a stretcher inside the main compartment supported by a three-point seat belt and can carry weight up to 200 kg. This main stretcher can also be used as a transfer stretcher.
There are also oxygen cylinders fitted inside the ambulance with oxygen regulators to avoid pressure on the cylinders. The floor of the ambulance is coated with anti-bacterial and anti-slip epoxy coating.

Ambulance Specifications

  • AED defibrillator device
  • Digital panels to control all systems inside the ambulance
  • Fire extinguisher
  • LED lights for illumination
  • Oxygen cylinders with 20 liters total capacity
  • Oxygen fixing device
  • Portable vital sign monitor
  • Storage for medical equipment
  • Stretcher that can carry weight up to 200 kg
  • Ventilation device
  • Warning lights and public addressing system