Features and Description

These are specially designed clinic buses on wheels that can carry doctors along with their staff and equipment to provide health care services in many different areas. These can even travel to remote areas and villages to help people with their health issues.

These provide a clean and safe environment for the doctors to work.

Medical devices and equipment are provided and fitted inside the vehicle, according to their usage. Apart from the examination room for the patients, reception and waiting area is also provided. There is a medical examination room in the rear of the vehicle with space for three patients and even an x-ray room inside the bus.

There is a water system with clean running water in the taps. Our clinic buses come equipped with generator and illumination lamps operated with electrical power. Further modifications can be made as per the request of our customers.

Bus Specifications

  • Clean water tanks
  • Cupboards for storage
  • Defibrillator
  • Desk and TV set
  • ECG
  • Generator
  • Lights
  • Seats for 5 staff and driver
  • Vital sign monitor
  • Wastewater tanks
  • X-Ray equipment