Features and Description

If you wish to own a mobile x-ray unit, we have got the most affordable options for you that can be customized according to your preferences.

This vehicle has four main units: x-ray room, x-ray checking room, laboratory examination room, and technical room. Box of the mobile x-ray is coated with the polyurethane sandwich panel. Its external surface is also sealed with silicon material which insulates the box from sound and heat.

The vehicle has two doors and all the materials used inside the vehicle are fireproof. There is an x-ray device installed in the room which conveys the patient’s display to the examination room. There is also a generator for the x-ray in the room.

The walls of the x-ray room are covered with bullet material which prevents the rays from escaping the room and affecting the employs working there. Sliding type door is designed for this room. Even the door of the x-ray room is coated with the bullet material, same as the one used for the room.

X-Ray Unit Specifications

  • Air conditioning
  • Computer station
  • Electrical outlets
  • Generator
  • Sitting area for the employs
  • Switch boards and panels
  • X-ray machine