Company Introduction:

Everything you need to know about InterSafe Int'l:

InterSafe is a UAE based company working in accordance with modern and cutting-edge technology to manufacture sophisticated mobile health care units, firefighter and disaster response vehicles, disability vehicles mobile labs, Dispensaries, modern medical equipment, etc.

We take pride in being one of the leading medical supply and vehicle companies in UAE. Our technology has revolutionized the modern-day health care vehicles and equipment.

Innovative And Modern Design:

We are an ISO certified company and we take immense pride in our research and innovative ideas which has ensured our products to have efficient designing system, safe electrical control, modern and accessible interior, durable fittings, along with spaciously designed area for patient, staff, and equipment.

Our market is expanded not just in Dubai, but we also supply our products all over the world.

Expert Team Of Engineers And Professionals On Board:

The goal of the founder of the InterSafe Company is to provide modern and advanced patient transport, medical equipment, and other disaster management vehicles in prices that are affordable to masses.

We have a highly skilled team of engineers and production staff who ensure that the products manufactured by the InterSafe are reliable, equipped with modern technology, easy to operate, and affordable.

Striving To Make Our Products Better Each Day:

We aim to meet the high expectations of all our customers, and to achieve this we are working tirelessly to provide our clients with the best service. We are also making changes in our designs and manufacturing process along with adding all modern technology, from time to time to meet the demands of our customers.

Customer Care Service For Your Ease:

We also have a team of professionals to help you with all your queries so feel free to contact us.