Your one-step store for Specialty Vehicles

We take pride in being the manufacturers of custom-built specialty vehicles. These vehicles are designed with latest technology, keeping the requirements of our customers in mind. We can further customize the vehicles if requested by our customers.

Mobile Court

The mobile courthouse on wheels is an innovative approach to the modern-day juridical system. The concept of these courts…Read More

Mobile Clinic

These are specially designed clinic buses on wheels that can carry doctors along with their staff and equipment to provide…Read More

Mobile Laboratory

InterSafe mobile laboratories are one of the most valuable assets for a medical business. These are self-sustaining and laboratories on wheels…Read More

Mobile Workshop

Our professionals at InterSafe have designed this incredibly versatile mobile workshop on wheels which can be a perfect partner…Read More

Rescue Bike

There are many emergency situations where paramedics or first responders have to reach as soon as humanly possible because even…Read More

Mobile X-Ray Unit

If you wish to own a mobile x-ray unit, we have got the most affordable options for you that can be customized according to your…Read More