Toyota Hiace 2020

Toyota HiAce is one of the most popular vehicles in our fleet. InterSafe takes pride in acquiring original cars and vehicles from the manufacturers and selling them to its customers. Our team is always available to help you so, for further assistance feel free to contact us.


The Toyota HiAce is a light commercial van produced by Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota. It has been popular since it was first launched in 1967 due to its family-friendly features. It is available in a wide range of body configurations.

The new HiAce is built on a special platform that not only greatly enhances comfort and provides high-level safety but is also extremely durable that makes it a great vehicle for both customers’ daily life and business.

The new HiAce has been designed to cater the diverse needs such as passenger transportation, tourist minibuses, private buses, and vehicles for use in logistics.


  • Two body types are available: normal/standard roof and long/high roof.
  • Leveraging the semi-bonnet package. The reliability, toughness, and functional beauty of the vehicle is greatly enhanced.
  • Layouts with multiple rows of seats or increased storage space.
  • Space for up to 17 people.
  • Comfortable interior in tourism versions.
  • Large storage space in van versions
Driving performance:
  • The new HiAce offers a comfortable and quiet ride.
  • Less driver fatigue even in long rides due to the comfortable interior.
  • The engine is available either as 1GD (2.8-liter diesel) or 7GR (3.5-liter gasoline)
Safety equipment:
  • It comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense.
Key features:
  • Length: 5265mm [+570mm]
  • Width: 1950mm [+255mm]
  • Height: 1990mm [+10mm]
  • Wheelbase: 3210mm [+640mm]

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